Source code for squabble.rules.disallow_timetz_type

from pglast.enums import SQLValueFunctionOp

import squabble.rule
from squabble.lint import Severity
from squabble.message import Message
from squabble.rules import BaseRule
from squabble.util import format_type_name

[docs]class DisallowTimetzType(BaseRule): """ Prevent using ``time with time zone``, along with ``CURRENT_TIME``. Postgres recommends never using this type, citing that it's only implemented for ANSI SQL compliance, and that ``timestamptz`` / ``timestamp with time zone`` is almost always a better solution. Configuration :: { "DisallowTimetzType": {} } """ _DISALLOWED_TYPES = { 'pg_catalog.timetz', 'timetz', }
[docs] class NoTimetzType(Message): """ The type ``time with time zone`` is defined by the SQL standard, but the definition exhibits properties which lead to questionable usefulness. In most cases, a combination of ``date``, ``time``, ``timestamp without time zone``, and ``timestamp with time zone`` should provide a complete range of date/time functionality required by any application. """ TEMPLATE = 'use `timestamptz` instead of `timetz` in most cases' CODE = 1011
[docs] class NoCurrentTime(Message): """ ``CURRENT_TIME`` returns a ``time with time zone`` type, which is likely not what you want. In most cases, ``CURRENT_TIMESTAMP`` is the correct replacement. Some other options: - ``CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, now()`` - timestamp with time zone - ``LOCALTIMESTAMP`` - timestamp without time zone - ``CURRENT_DATE`` - date - ``LOCALTIME`` - time """ TEMPLATE = 'use `CURRENT_TIMESTAMP` instead of `CURRENT_TIME`' CODE = 1012
def enable(self, root_ctx, _config): root_ctx.register('ColumnDef', self._check_column_def()) root_ctx.register('SQLValueFunction', self._check_function_call()) @squabble.rule.node_visitor def _check_column_def(self, ctx, node): col_type = format_type_name(node.typeName) if col_type in self._DISALLOWED_TYPES: self.NoTimetzType(), node=node.typeName, severity=Severity.LOW) @squabble.rule.node_visitor def _check_function_call(self, ctx, node): if node.op == SQLValueFunctionOp.SVFOP_CURRENT_TIME:, node=node, severity=Severity.LOW)